Wednesday, 14 August 2013

College Students Toward Writing Essays

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They say that essay is the most known type of academic writing. In fact, every universities in the world tasked students to write essays. Such tasks are experience from primary education to graduate studies in United Kingdom.  As expected, they could have earned enough skills to produce commendable essays but some still struggle  working on their own essay. This pitfall sometimes convince them to hire some help available online.

Today, we will find out why college students still face problems in writing research essays.

No research and writing skills.  First reason in the list is the lack of the required skills accomplishing essay writing task. Although, they have been working on it since the early stage of their education. Unfortunately, they don't possess the research skills and writing skills.

Research skills involve looking for the right information needed for the essay you are working on at the desired time. While, writing skills involve putting up all the words correctly or less mistake as much as possible. It could be grammar, punctuation and spelling.

No enough time.  Aside from having no natural skills  needed to finish the essay writing task,  having available time is also a factor of why college student experience difficulty in writing essays. They may have the skills yet they have to work on other projects equally important to essay writing assignment that needs more attention.

Lazy enough to carry out the writing task. So far, the most invalid reason a college student could give why they have difficulty accomplishing their essay is this last reason. Some students are simply just have this attitude of not really doing their writing assignment. This issue should be address as early as possible. 
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College students may feel bitter or winner toward writing essays but the important thing is they are able to perform their responsibilities as student in order to excel and outperform other students.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Surrogates or Sources of Help with Essay?

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Sometimes, there’s just too much to do. It becomes au fait to say, ‘too little time, too many things to do.’ And you kid yourself with more humour, imagining how it would be if you were to have a surrogate.
Yes, a surrogate, just like those in Bruce Willis’ 2009 film. Perhaps, the imagery will start innocent. First, you will have your surrogate do the dish work. Then you can hit it with some assignments.
Take it a few more days and the world gets haywire. The surrogate, with his infinite energy and intellect can do all the chores and paper-works. All you’re going to do is relax, party, and drink booze.
Returning in the present, you’d need to realise: you don’t have to go through fantasies to ease your workload. Rather, you may obtain help with essay composition. But from whom could you get it? Below is a list of sources:
  1. Your room buddy. Perhaps, his course is different from yours; but that doesn’t mean he can’t lend a hand. Who knows, that required piece is his forte? Or, that you’re asking of assistance is actually breaking his dull afternoon-streak? Just make sure that after such partnership, you do know how to treat a buddy.
  1. Free essay writing services. They’re aplenty online. The reputable ones come in mix with the scams. Hence, take your time garnering positive service reviews before fully engaging business transactions with such.
  1. The tutor. These folks do have their assigned consultation hours; yet, its best that they know when and what to expect. As a result, you’re advised to arrange the consultation beforehand and provide a brief of information about the type of aide that you need.
  1. Your classmates. Of course, help with essay from fellow students is not the best option. In most cases, your classmate is just as clueless as you. But with a bit of time (after the assignment), they may have already worked it out.

However, take repercussions as this usually involves you hitting back at them (in the mere future), or be rebuked. Don’t feel bad when the latter happens as not everyone is comfortable sharing their stuff.
The world does spin after all. At such times, you won’t be the one looking for help with essay. Rather, you’ll have the chance to provide such aide. Are you up to the challenge when it does come?